Hyves Desktop

Hyves Desktop 2.4

Includes two applications: "Hyves Chat" and "Hyves Desktop Photo Uploader"
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Hyves Desktop is an extension of the Hyves website that allows you to chat; share photos, videos, news, and tips with all Hyves users without having to open the Hyves website. It also allows you to choose which information you want to share. This social network is used, for the most part, among German users. Nevertheless, the access is not restricted to international users. Hyves Desktop includes two applications: "Hyves Chat" and "Hyves Desktop Photo Uploader". The "Hyves Chat" allows you to chat with your online friends; it shows your friends' pictures, blogs, and web URLs; it also allows you to send SMS and email messages, and notifies in real-time about news and messages. The "Hyves Desktop Photo Uploader" allows you to upload multiple photos; you can add titles and tags to your pictures, and add borders or objects. You need to be a member of the Hyves social network in order to download Hyves Desktop and have access to all its content. Hyves Desktop requires an Internet connection.

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  • You can have access to the Hyves web site features directly from your desktop


  • Yo have to login before downloading
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